10 Secrets of Mosquito Control in Bangalore Tips For this Monsoon 

                                                                                      Mosquito Control in Bangalore

Good news – Monsoon rain showers within the past few weeks have brought down the temperature in an urban centre. However, the unhealthy news is that the rain showers have invited the mosquitoes that successively can invite diseases like protozoa infection and dengue fever. Rain ends up in water stagnation. The stagnant water provides parcel for protozoa infection mosquitoes. Any still pool of water will turn out mosquitoes in four days. You have been victimisation chemical two-winged insect’s repellents and coils, currently, attempt some 100% natural tips to free your home from these whining invaders.

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Natural resin is thought as “kagura” in Hindi act as really effective two-winged insects repellent. a lightweight a tiny low piece of natural resin in your space and shut the door and windows. Leave the space closed for fifteen min. Your space can become a two-winged insect's free port. this is the simple method where you canMosquito Control in Bangalore

Neem tree oil

Neem tree oil is additionally a good two-winged insects repellent. to create and effective skin friendly neem oil insecticide, combine neem tree oil and oil in 1:1 proportion and apply it on the body. this may defend you from two-winged insects bites for a minimum of 8-10 hours. this can be terribly useful particularly if you're sleeping on your balcony or the other open space or encampment in woods.


Tulsi is extraordinarily effective in killing method for Mosquito Control in Bangalore . the two-winged insect's larvae and keeping them away. Tulsi plant has healthful properties that don't permit mosquitoes to enter your home. Therefore plant a Tulsi in your home and keep it on your windows.


Lavender could be natural two-winged insects repellent. The divine and powerful fragrance of lavender keeps the mosquitoes tried. Burn lavender oil in your fancy aromatic lamps or use lavender space thing to stay mosquitoes aloof from your home.


Vetiver, additionally called Chrysopogon zizania ideas could be a bunch grass, native to the Republic of India. Oil of Vetiver has soothing aroma with exceptional insectivore properties. Spray few drops of this oil to induce eliminate mosquitoes

Dry Ice

The carbolic acid gas that we tend to exhale attracts mosquitoes. solid emits lots of carbolic acid gas. So, place solid during instrumentation and keep it at an exact distance. once all the mosquitoes are attracted towards that instrumentation, shut the lid. whereas this may be a trifle long, however, it's an efficient technique to run off mosquitoes


The simple home remedy to repel mosquitoes is grounding. All you would like to try to do is simply sprinkle grounds where you discover stagnant water close to your house. The two-winged insect's eggs gift within the water is going to be forced to return to the surface of the water as a result of the grounds. As they are available to the surface, they'll be empty atomic number. this may kill them before they're hatched and can stop mosquitoes from breeding


Extract of garlic has two-winged insect’s larvicidal properties. Crush some cloves of garlic and boil the crushed garlic in water for a few times. Then pour these home-brewed two-winged insects repellent during a spray bottle and squirt it around the space. This remedy can kill the mosquitoes. Eat garlic daily to avoid two-winged insect’s bites. You’ll be able to additionally rub a nail directly on the skin buy this also you canMosquito Control in Bangalore

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one in all the effective essential oils to induce eliminate insects. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties work wonders once it involves fighting off the mosquitoes. The robust odour of the tea tree oil keeps the mosquitoes tried. All you would like to try to do is combine some drops of tea tree oil with some drops of water and apply this mixture on your face and different exposed elements of your body.


The robust odour of mint, that most people love a great deal, is loathed by mosquitoes. you'll be able to confiscate the mint oil from the mint extracts or simply use the extract because it is to stay mosquitoes away. you'll be able to spray the mint oil by running it during a spray bottle, otherwise, you will apply it on the exposed elements of your body. As an alternative, grow mint shrubs in your garden.

Above were some simple tips for you to make your home Mosquito Free Zone. But, if you are looking for expert’s help, visit http://www.slnpestcontrol.com/

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