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Mosquitoes constitute the most important single family of insects from the stand of human health. They are found all over the world. The four important groups of mosquitoes in India which are related to disease transmission are the Anopheles, Culex, Aedes and Mansonia.


Mosquitoes of the genus culex are the common "nuisance mosquitoes" which are terrible pests of man. An important member of this group is culex fatigues. The vector of Bancroftian filariasis in India. Culex fatigues is essentially a domestic species and is found everywhere in India in and around dwellings.


Aedes mosquitoes are easily distinguished by white stripes on a black body. Because of the striped or banded character of their legs they are sometimes referred to as "Tiger Mosquitoes". Important members of this group of mosquitoes are: Aedes aegypti , Aedes vittatus and Aedes albopicrus. Aedes mosquitoes are most abundant during rainy season.

Control Measures :

Anti Larval Measures :

The Anti Larval Measures for the Mosquitoes are Environmental Control, Chemical Control and Biological Control.

Anti - adult Measures :

The Anti - adult Measures for the Mosquitoes are Residual Sprays, Space Sprays and Genetic Control.

Protection against Mosquito Bites :

The Protection against Mosquito Bites are Mosquito Net, Screening and Pepellents.


Habits Of Mosquitoes

Feeding Habits : the males never bite : they subsist on plant juices. The females on the contrary are haematophagous.
Time of biting : In general mosquitoes bite in the evening or in the early part of the night.
Resting Habits : mosquitoes obscure themselves during the day in dark and cool corners.
Breeding Habits : the anophelines prefer clean water for breeding; the culicines prefer dirty and polluted water.
Hibernation : Mosquitoes are known to hibernate in adult's stage when the environmental conditions are not favorable. Severe winters are tided over by hibernation.
Dispersal : Mosquitoes do not generally fly far from the place where they bred unless swept by currents of wind. The range of flight varies with species, and may rang up to 11Kms. Aircraft and ships.

Home Remedies  : Here we have some simple method, for these method you can try in your home for the starting causes of pest infestation .

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