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Rats are very dangerous. They could harm your building, contaminate food, destroy clothes, furniture, electronic, gadgets, and many house hold equipment. Rats are known for diseases carriers infecting many of us. The rodent mammal family altogether includes over 2,000 or more species of rats, mice, beavers etc.

They place an important role for the ‘Plague’. They’re very adjustive, they learn by trial and error.

One should not consider issues with rat careless. No matter how small you think these creatures are, they have capabilities of mass destruction. Rats control has become very crucial. But we make sure your home should be free from rats

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If some are in need of rats control treatment in Bangalore. Contact us and we will take care of your rat's problem. We deliver a reliable and lasting pest control solution. In a growing city like Bangalore, pests like rats tend to grow and adapt along. Rat control in Bangalore has become a priority and we assist all our customers with their rat problem. One of the important tasks in rodent control services is catching these creatures.

We also inspect your place for any other possible pest infestations at the time of treatment.

Rat control Bangalore


We use special bait machines that can catch the rats without fail. Once we complete your rat problem, we guide you through certain preventive measures and tips for future measures.

The baits are placed is strategic locations where the rodents frequently visit. Use of poison, imported chemicals is a part of rodents and pest management.
RODEX treatment uses registered product (Rodenticides (RATOL) which contains main ingredient zinc Phosphate. It’s designed keeping human safety in mind.
Proper storage (collection & disposal of garbage), Proper storage of food stuffs, Construction of rat proof building, go downs & ware houses, Elimination of rat burrows by blocking them with concrete.

Get in touch with us and all your pest problems will go away. We provide full customer satisfaction and we achieve it by delivering the best and the most reliable pest control services.

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