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Ticks And Mites Control

Ticks and mites comprise one of the largest and most important orders (acarina) of phylum Arthropod. They are ectoparasites of vertebrate animals, and they all suck blood.

Ticks are of two kinds :

Hard Ticks (ixodidae)

Soft Ticks (Argasidae)

The common hard ticks which infest domestic animals such as dogs and cattles in India are: Dermacentor, Haemophysalis, Hyalomma, Rhipecephalus and Boophilus. From the medical stand point, the soft tick of importance is ornithodorus moubata, which transmits relapsing fever.


Hard ticks transmit the following diseases :

Tick Typhus (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), Viral encephalitis (ex : Russian Spring - summer encephalitis), Viral Fever (ex : Colorado Tick Fever), Viral Haemorrhagic fever (ex : KFD in India), Tularaemia, Tick Paralysis, Human Babesiosis.

Various medical or veterinary conditions are caused directly or indirectly by mites or ticks, and their diagnosis and treatment is a job for experienced medical professionals or veterinarians. For instance, the human itch mite parasitizes people causing severe itching and a condition known as scabies. It spreads directly from person to person and must therefore be dealt with as a medical problem, with treatments focused on affected people and their clothing.

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